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What Is Solstice

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The future of collaboration

What is colleague collaboration to you? Well to me it is the ability to share ideas with coworkers without any restrictions or limitations brought on by the platform we are using. I don’t want to worry about apps or USB dongles, I just want to walk into a boardroom and be able to share my content regardless of the operating system I am on or the device I am using.

True collaboration is about sharing ideas, not just content, and one platform is doing this better than any other, well at least in my own opinion anyway, this platform is called Solstice by Mersive.

So, What Is Solstice

To be put into simple and understandable terms, Solstice is a platform that allows you to share content from your personal laptop, phone, or tablet to a screen or projector.

The key features of the solstice, and what sets it apart from any other competitive product, is that solstice allows for true content sharing, not just screen mirroring – although it does that as well.

Unlike other products on the market which offer 4 or a round-robin type connection, Solstice allows an unlimited number of users to connect and share simultaneously making collaboration less restrictive and sharing completely fluid.

I touched on this before, but it’s worth bringing up again, Solstice allows you to share any type of content, whether it’s a powerpoint presentation, saved image, video, or just an email, you are able to share directly to the display screen without the limitations of typical screen-scraping that competitive products offer.

Additionally, you are able to share all this content at the same time and with no restrictions on how much content you are allowed to share. In case anyone gets overzealous there are moderator options are available to keep them in check and control the content they are sharing.

How does it Work

It is an extremely simple process to enable solstice, it is a standard step by step process which is user-friendly and does not require any special skills to perform.

The first step is to connect the solstice POD to the LCD projector or screen using the HDMI connector.

Moving on to configure the POD onto your LAN or provision it as a local WAP to make the unit to make the room discoverable over your network.

Download the client application onto devices you would like to share content from, these can be Windows, IOS, Android, or MAC devices.

Pick the room or screen you want to share content to and connect, you are now ready to share your content.

Overall the setup should be completed in a 4 steps process, it’s that simple to connect and share your ideas with your colleagues.

Who Can Use solstice

  • Solstice is for the corporate boardroom looking to discuss monthly reports, the business looking to brainstorm strategies and new ideas, and agencies looking to fine tune projects and design plans.
  • Solstice is also ideal for schools and educational facilities looking to increase student engagement and participation, and with future schools moving to BYOB classrooms, the solstice is the only product on the market that offers the unrestricted collaboration capabilities needed for interactive learning.
  • IT Departments involved in the deployment of PODS at all of these companies will be impressed by the amount of customization and control allowed for through the solstice dashboard.

Recent Update (Important Features)

Some notable features of the Solstice platform that separate it from a typical screen sharing application and make it a value-added collaboration platform for any corporation are:

  • Room scheduling via calendar integration allows you to schedule and see what meetings have been scheduled it that room.
  • Multi-Room collaboration allows Pods in multiple locations on your network to collaborate and share content between to screens in real-time across each participating location.
  • IT Departments involved in the deployment of Solstice will be impressed by the amount of customization and control allowed for through add-ons like the solstice dashboard. Additionally, Solstice Is Secured with Baseline Security Standards meaning whether governmental or corporate, solstice can be securely deployed onto any network.

How and where can you find Solstice?

Now after reading this informative write-up, I am certain you wish to understand more and are seeking for a purchase point. Simple go to Solstice’s website where you will find their distributors page, they have a wide network of distributors all over the world including South Asia, Asia, Middle East etc. The GCC region covers 5 countries from United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Oman.

The official distributor of the region would be NMK Electronics, a company that has been on the market in the region for the past 31 years. Whilst having specific staff members have the full knowledge on the product, this makes the whole process much easier for clients to follow along. If any questions are required based on the device, don’t hesitate to ask and get a fully well-informed response to help you with any problems.

The option to request a hands-on demonstrations for every client is available and would fully demonstrate for them to see and feel all the aspects of the system, from there onwards it would be all up to the clients to decide whether Solstice would be the right device that they were searching for and how it may be able to benefit them in the future.

All in all, it has been said by everyone that has used the device that Solstice is one of the most user-friendly content sharing tool the market has to offer. Content sharing is now a part of our life, who would have thought that one could share content using any device but it is now a given that every quality meeting room is incomplete without wireless sharing tool technology. This change is a stepping stone towards a better future for the wireless technologies. Let’s wait and see the next breakthrough in this field. Stay tuned for more updated and latest insights.

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