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Ways on how to keep and take good care of your guitar

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When it comes to something you care deeply about you would want to take care of it no matter what. Keeping guitars clean and overall taking good care of it is really important for the instrument, it would be proper for all the owner to take the responsibility for their instruments. Leaving a guitar on the side and not touching it over a long period of time would cause damage to its paint job and woodwork, rusty strings and obviously the huge amount of dust collected. A guitar may seem like something that wouldn’t need any maintenance or proper care, but it is just the opposite there are certain steps and tips that you should constantly do to your guitar to keep at its best.

Below are the important instructions and tools on how to maintain your instrument in good condition:

Use two cleaning cloths

To start off with it would be best to use two separate clothes when cleaning, one would be the general cloth that would be used for everyday cleaning for furniture and such appliances, the other would be the one to specifically for the guitar to keep it nice and clean, which you can wipe after every use to keep it clear from any unwanted fingerprints.

If something is spilt onto the guitar by mistake use a soft fabric would be the right material to use along with a proper guitar polish, you shouldn’t over panic but simply wipe it away and get rid of any unwanted stickiness.

Buy string cleaner and polisher

The quality of the tone from the wood is essential as it is a pleasant sound to listen to. The use of furniture polish wouldn’t be the most ideal polish to use of guitar strings as they don’t work well on them, it would be best to purchase proper guitar polish from brands such as Jim Dunlop that are known for their guitar cleaning tools.

If you know how to take care of your guitar it will extend much longer. It is easier to use a cleaner and spray a little bit using your cloth, spread and then clean until all the dust and stains are removed. Your guitar will continue to sound better but do not over clean your instrument cause some other problems may occur.

When you see that the strings have been damaged, it should be your indication that it is time to change the set of strings, it is noteworthy that if you are cleaning the fretboard that you shouldn’t clean it whilst all the strings are still attached, this will do more damage to the strings and you will miss most spots as you can’t reach it, remove a string at a time so the tension on the neck wouldn’t be too much for the guitar.

You may at times see some leftover dirt on the base of each fret, if they don’t go away after using polish they last solution would be to use some sort of toothpick that would be able to get to that area. Not cleaning this dirt would result in it piling up through time and becoming stiffer to remove.

Beat the Heat

As the temperatures would be high during the hot season of summer, it is recommended that everyone either keeps in indoors with the AC on constantly so no damages would be resulted or place it inside a guitar bag or case to make sure it will prevent from splitting through the top and sides on it

Your guitars will extend in good condition as long as you store them in a good temperature and humidity level, it is much safer for the woods and to avoid the wood from ageing and dry out easily. So avoid leaving it inside hot areas such as a car trunk and leaving it there for a few hours, inside cars heat is collected easily and stay inside, this would cause quick damage to do woodwork.

Another point to keep a look out for during the hot seasons would the humidity markings that often show up on the guitar’s fretboard, you would just have to simply use the soft cloths or even a sponge, but don’t go overboard scrubbing at it may create scratches.

Wash your hands at all times before playing.

It would be best to prevent unwanted oils and dirt onto the guitar, wash your hands before using the guitar this way the strings will stay clear from rust and would not dull out, that would make the sounds from the guitar be gloomy and out of tune.

Put altogether of your guitar care kit in a hard shell middle pocket.

In order for you to save your stuff free from dust, just simply use Ziploc to see what inside. It would be the better option to have a hard case or a regular guitar bag that would usually come with the guitar or you bought externally. Keeping everything together would also help you from misplacing all the little things, like your cleaning tools, picks, strings and so on, this way you can find everything easily and hassle-free.

The last thing, if they are damaged don’t bother to replace them right away.

Guitars aren’t something that you can just dispose of, if you have been playing the guitar for a while then you would’ve at least created some memorable moments with it, try to find a solution before you go on a chuck it away. First would be to search online for any articles that are relevant to the damage if nothing can be found perhaps going to a music store may be a solution as they may have a guitar luthier. This way you will get to keep the guitar and perhaps buy another one later on when you would like to expand your collection.

I hope these little tips would be an eye-opener for everyone to take notice of what is happening to the guitar and that just doing nothing would be no good for the guitar.

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