5 things only people who hate Eid shopping will understand

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  • Eid shopping is anything but therapeutic


We often hear a phrase “Retail Therapy” and When people think of  the benefits of it enjoyment, entertainment, relaxation and rejuvenation are usually at the top of their list. But it is not the case when it comes to Eid shopping in Pakistan especially after the long tiring day of fasting. Malls and bazars are flooded with people who apparently have no sense of personal space and sometimes not even familiar with the simple concept of courtesy.


  • The pressure of buying ‘The Perfect dress” to flaunt in will give you cold sweats


Unlike some people we have a community who hates feeling overwhelmed with so many choices to pick from. From bold digital designs, to trendy and elegant floral patterns everything seems so pretty and tempting but the real question is “What to buy exactly?”

  • Trying things on is not a safe option anymore, if you know what i mean

Well, after few shocking incidents and some horrible yet terrifying rumors it is better to use exchange policy if dress doesn’t fit instead of “YOU KNOW”.  

  • Hide and Seek with Sales person

Either you will get all their attention that it will be hard for you to even look around because they are here to help or there is a good chance that you have to enlist the help of Sherlock to find someone who is willing to acknowledge your existence in that shop.

There is no in between.

  • Apparently, you’re the only person in rush

When shopping is not your thing then you are usually in a rush, it can feel like you’re shopping with new identity of “flash” and everyone else is a part of mannequin challenge.

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