How to find the best Orthopedic Surgeon in Lahore?

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Health is wealth  

Among all aspects of your life, your health is the one that you should be most concerned about. In order to conduct affairs of everyday life in a proper manner, it is of utmost importance that your body is working properly as an unhealthy individual is unable to enjoy his or her life to the fullest, and performing even the simplest of tasks may become a challenge.

Keep calm, and head to the doctor

In this regard, it is equally important that the person whom you trust as your adviser in matters related to your health be someone in whom you have blind faith. The relationship between any doctor and every single one of his or her patients is a special one – it is a sacred bond of trust, respect, and reliance. It is necessary, therefore, to search very carefully whenever you are looking for a doctor in order to resolve any issues related to whichever part of your body, a competent professional who may not just bring you back to your feet, but he or she would like to see you enjoying life as much as possible, whereas, an incompetent one may just give you additional health woes.

Choosing the right doctor

The US Department of Health and Human Services lists a number of tips when it comes to choosing an able doctor. According to this list, your doctor should be a person who treats you with respect, is able to explain or give medical advice in a manner which is easy for you to comprehend; he or she would know which tests to perform or suggest in order to get a better understanding of your health condition; your doctor should able to refer you to a specialist in case your ailment is beyond his or her area of specialization; he or she is the one who attentively listens to you and is never bothered by your questions. Be sure to learn more about your doctor through information available online, or through the hospital, he or she pays a visit to, or through other sources, primarily the ones who refer you to him or her in the first place. It is important that your doctor should be experienced in dealing with the health condition you trust him or her to handle.

The world of orthopaedics

The above can be said to be true and useful when you would be selecting an orthopedic surgeon. According to a very simple definition provided by the Health segment of the US News, orthopedic surgeons are “the surgeons of the musculoskeletal system”. This profession deals with cases related to “bones and joints – including injuries and reconstructive surgery, broken bones, ligaments, sport injuries and arthritis”. By now, you may have an idea of how sensitive the job of an orthopedic surgeon is. If not treated right, the pain in the affected area may stay for years, and may even worsen to a point that it gives rise to other complications, more challenging to deal with as compared to the original condition.

But who is a good orthopaedic?

At this point, the question arises: what should you look for in an orthopedic surgeon? There is no one clear-cut answer to this question, as the profession of an orthopedic surgeon is a demanding one. It requires years of practice and precision in order to handle any given case in the best possible manner. Though the name may pop-up the idea of instant surgery in your mind whenever you hear it, good orthopedic surgeons are considered the ones who regard surgery as the last resort to deal with the condition. They rely on different management techniques, therapies, the use of certain injections, and other related aspects at their disposal to initially handle the situation, before ultimately deciding to conduct a surgery depending on the condition.

Lahore – The hub of world-class physicians

Over the past few years, Lahore, the metropolitan of the Punjab province, has seen the establishment of several health care facilities based on modern standards. With the exception of a few uncommon ailments, the city’s hospitals, either public or private, are providing almost every health-related facilities to the hundreds of patients who head there every single day. Utilizing their modern equipment and several years of practice at home and abroad, able physicians all over the city are serving their patients day-and-night with the noblest of intentions. Among the multitude of such doctors, Professor Dr M.A. Wajid is one such physician.

Dr M.A. Wajid – A truly world class orthopaedic

With an experience of over 20 years in the field of orthopedic surgery, Dr Wajid is regarded as one of the most brilliant minds in the country when it comes to dealing with cases of injured or broken bones or joints. After completing his MBBS from the esteemed Allama Iqbal Medical College in Lahore, he underwent training in the United Kingdom and received his FRCS in Trauma and Orthopedic (Tr & Orth). He then went on to have specialist fellowship training in Germany and Belgium. It was due to his brilliance that Pakistan was inducted as a country in the AO Foundation Switzerland, resulting in the conducting of AO Trauma courses in the country under his chairmanship.  Being elected as a Member Board of Trustees of AO Foundation, and serving as chairman of AO Trauma Middle East Board are also among some of his several achievements.

A look at his expertise and interests

Dr. Wajid currently offers his services as Head of Orthopedics Surgery at the National Hospital and Medical Center, DHA, Lahore, along with serving as visiting faculty at the Aga Khan University, Karachi, and as a professor of orthopedic surgery at the Shalamar Medical and Dental College, Lahore. His interests lie in Key Hole (Arthroscopic) Surgery, Joint Replacement Surgery, as well as sports injuries, along with routine trauma and Acetabular Fracture Surgery. He also handles Meniscal Repair, and Autologous Cartilage Transplant (OATS) for focal cartilage defects, to name a few of his many expertise.

The epitome of trust and excellence

For over two decades, Dr Wajid has tirelessly dealt with scores of orthopaedic cases. His patients recall him for not only being an exceptional physician, but also as a wonderful human being, and a true gentleman. He has helped several thousand individuals to stand on their feet once again, bringing joy and colour to their lives which had become dull due to unbearable pain and complications. Make sure to have a look at his impressive medical profile online, and the several positive reviews he has received over the years, if ever you feel the need to book an appointment with him as he is the orthopedic surgeon you would want to consult if ever, God forbid, you or any of your loved ones experience issues regarding their bones or joints.

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