Difference between Neutrik and Fischer connectors

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It’s a common situation for everyone to often compare two different brands together to see which one would be better suited for them and whatever they are looking for. It is important to see fully which markets the two different brands are aimed at specifically, whether it is for broadcast, medicine or any other similar applications.

Having a deeper look at both brands Neutrik and Fischer, that are both very well known brands for their impeccable connectors, always been the go-to brand whenever they are needed. Both brands are fairly different from each other as their factories work in different directions (meaning different market areas). Neutrik mostly focuses all their attention towards making connectors for the A/V sides of things as well as more Broadcast focused. Whereas the Fischer connectors are specifically produced for a completely different industry being Medicine, Military and Automobiles those types of markets.

The one area that both brands clash a little is a Fischer’s connector that Neutrik doesn’t have an alternative option to choose from, this connector series is one of their most popular and go to connectors when it comes to Broadcasting called Triax 1051.

Viewing about each brands history and moving onto some connectors that they supply within each of their fields, a comparison would be a little difficult to make as they focus on different sectors to provide their services towards.


Since being in the market and distributing their high-quality performance connectors for over 60 years, designing and manufacturing them which nonetheless provides the best reliability for connectors, having precision and the full ability for resistance against some of the harsh weather environments.

As previously mentioned the Fischer connectors are used for markets that can not have any faulty products occurring at any moment, some of those applications would for medical equipment, industrial instrumentation, testing devices and measuring them as well as for military forces. The fact that they provide to such demanding markets displays their connectors quality and sufficiency to supply their services to them.

Fischer Connectors:

Fischer Core Series Stainless Steel- The Stainless Steel Core Series are connectors made off the most premium grade stainless steel that can be found on the market. Perfectly designed for those areas that need long-term application, which using the stainless steel would be the most reliable option to go forward with especially if it were to be in extreme environments such as nuclear and energy, medical or even the food processing applications that would need something to be 100% safe to use.

These connectors are very easy to handle and set up, can be cleaned with ease as well as being very adaptable to all situations that they are placed in. For the technical specification on the connector, from what they are made off and what kinds of resistances that they offer are very reliable as they could withstand radiation, corrosion and all sorts of temperatures.

You would be able to use gloves whilst handling the connectors easily, with simple gestures for mating and unmating the connectors also being very safe as they disconnect through the push-pull locking system.

Fischer Disposable Series- The Disposable Series is primarily focused on the needs of medical devices, those that are specifically designed to be disposed of after a one time or a low number of usages. Like most other connectors the disposable series is a push-pull connector that is a very cost effective solution yet still nonetheless provide the best quality. They are on par with those that of much higher price yet will provide the same performance for a disposable medical service.

These connectors can be mounted on the top of a handpiece that is disposable, with options of being overmolded or even mounted to disposable cables, this way it may suit various types of applications and doesn’t limit the uses they can cover.


One of the most well-known brand for connectors, Neutrik has been in operations for over 40 years and design and manufacture everything in-house. Having a wide variety of connectors from XLR, jacks, speaker/audio connectors, patch bays as well as for fibre optic connections that need to be made. Designed to cover the bracket of electrical and electronic interconnection systems and products, always utilizing the most update mechanical devices and electronics.

Neutrik Connectors:

SpeakON Series- All the Speakon cable connectors are the most standard and well know connector that is in the industry, it is the go to a connector for amplifiers and loudspeakers. They have been designed to be operated in high currents and environments for loudspeakers, having a full family of 2, 4 and 8 pole cable connectors.

XLR Series- When you would think of connectors the XLR connectors are usually the first one that comes to mind, Neutrik has a very wide range of XLR connectors that are fairly easy to assemble together, easy to get the hang of using and are overall reliable and to protect cables.

OpticalCON DUO Cable- Providing a safe and dust protected connector, based mainly on LC-Duplex connectors. OpticalCON system is compatible with LC connectors where the opticalCON DUo always the option of using an LC cable that is more cost effective or an opticalCON cable that is assembled for mobile applications

The OpticalCON DUO offers compatibility as it is able to make connections onto a chassis connector from either the front or rear end, this is a solution that is ideal for systems integrations or equipment connections.

Going into details of each brand and the types of connectors that they offer to their clients can be seen as above, fairly different from each other which is good as they keep the options to a minimal on deciding which brand to use for specific applications. Both Neutrik and Fischer are popular on the market and can be trusted with their reliability and safety, so finding a local distributor would not be so difficult to find, where they can help and provide their knowledge of connectors and cables to help you use the correct one.

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